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"I was in a collision with a deer last week & have lots of broken bones but because I was wearing one of your Kevlar shirts I had NO ROAD RASH and no major point damage. Very happy with how it protected me. Responders were shocked – slid 40 meters (130ft).
Just wanted to say Thank You. "
– Adam S. October '21

"I purchased the black denim Kevlar jacket last fall. First ride of this season I had car pull out in front of me. I sped up to get around it, doing about 70km – dumped the bike and slid about 60 ft on my back.
Anyway just want to say the jacket saved me – no road rash.
Amazing product I would recommend it to any one. Comfortable, good quality and very durable."
– Aaron X. May '22

Wanted say thank you for making an amazing jacket! I had someone cut me off last night and I dumped the bike going 70. I slid 40 feet and have no road rash on my body. Once again thank you for helping keep other motorcycle riders safe.
– Steve B. October '22

Satisfied Customers

Chuck, Kincardine CA

"Great quality and the kevlar is more comfortable than my leather. Wind moves right through when riding."
6' 200lbs, wearing XXL

Jen, Barrie CA

"I love it and get so many compliments! Thanks for a quality kevlar product and for women too!"
5'11" 185lbs, wearing XL

Bob, London ON

5'6" 270 lbs,
wearing 4XL Kevlar denim shirt

Jeff, Elmira CA

"Better than my flannel shirt! I like having the extra protection with kevlar."
5'9" 175lbs, wearing size Large

Zeke, Cambridge CA

'Love this Kevlar shirt! Warm but not too heavy."

Andrew, Oakville CA

My Kevlar Riding Hoodie is the perfect weight for fall riding!

Meagan, Oakbank CA

5'6 150 lbs, wearing Size Medium Kevlar shirt

Hergie, Waterloo CA

"Great quality & fit!"
6'6" 290 lbs, wearing size 4XL Kevlar shirt

Helen, North Van BC

First time wearing my new Old Soul Kevlar shirt and it was perfect! So good to have POCKETS again!

Brent, Waterloo CA

I might be biased... but these are great riding shirts!
6' 190 lbs, wearing size XL Kevlar shirt

Tegan, Lloydminster CA

"I gotta say man, I love this Kevlar coat. I gotta get the hubs one."

Lisa & Craig

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